Our Mission & Vision

About Us

Our story has just begun; Helius Originals was founded in December 2021 in the living room of one of our co-founders. After months of lockdowns from the pandemic, people started finding ways to entertain themselves. Restaurants were closed, and the founders wanted to find a way to bring the excitement you receive from a bartender pouring your favorite drink to consumers' homes. Whether hosting a party, sharing an experience with a loved one, or enjoying your solitude, Helius Originals wanted to curate a luxury experience responsibly and sustainably. Our co-founders used their bar knowledge, love of smoked flavor, and passion for changing how we interact with the planet to birth Helius Originals. Our overall mission: reduce landfill waste through repurposing items for extravagance.

Helius Originals is an eco-luxury business aiming to divert materials from our landfills. Sustainability is an ever-growing process, and we are committing ourselves to continue to build on our sustainable practices. Helius Originals creates products with reclaimed wood, but as we grow, Helius Originals is determined to target additional landfill-bound materials.