Define your moments with
Helius Originals smoke


Helius Originals is an eco-luxury that provides luxury with Eco-friendly manufacturing. For this reason, we source products from Canadian reclaimed lumber while actively collaborating with local sawmills.


Let the impressive style of Helius Originals take you on a smoked journey. Create memorable experiences while enhancing your favorite items.


Helius Originals provides you with luxury from the comfort of your own home. Define your moments with Helius Originals smoke products.

Luxurious Experience

We are in a time where all our environmental choices affect future generations. Helius Originals' main goal is to provide a luxury experience considering the planet. Helius Originals aims to showcase Canadian reclaimed lumber while creating products that require very little fossil fuel energy.

Premium Quality

Our products infuse items with smoke from Canadian-sourced lumber to add subtle earthy notes to the consumers' favorite ingredients. Helius Originals kits are used for cocktails, mocktails, charcuterie items, and any item a customer would like to add subtle Canadian lumber notes to. We provide a new take on old favorites.

Eco conscious

Helius Originals is an eco-luxury business aiming to divert waste materials from our landfills. Creating unique products can upcycle landfill-bound materials and create extravagant products.

new way of experiencing
old favorites

from Canadian-sourced lumber

Taste Canadian lumber with every smoke of Helius Originals products.

Luxurious & Elegant

Enjoy the special moments with Helius Originals. Crafted from carefully selected sources with premium quality lumber for the special occasion it deserves.

Luxury Redefined