Essence Embers Set
Essence Embers Set
Essence Embers Set

Essence Embers Set

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Explore a symphony of flavors with our curated selection of wood shavings, each offering a unique aromatic profile to enchant your palate and elevate your cocktails.
  • Introduce subtle, smoky nuances to reinvent classic cocktails.
  • Encourage exploration with diverse flavors in your cocktail creations.
  • Create a repertoire of signature drinks that are uniquely yours.

These essence embers are your passport to exploration, turning ordinary ingredients into gourmet specialties with just a hint of smoke.

  • Black Walnut Shavings (4oz tin): Add a bold, deep forest-like essence to your cocktails, perfect for an earthy twist on your favorite recipes.
  • Cherry Wood Shavings (4oz tin): Invite a hint of cherry orchard charm to your drinks, balancing smoky intensity with a light, fruity sweetness.
  • Maple Wood Shavings (4oz tin): Infuse a subtle, sweet maple touch into your beverages, evoking warm, cozy evenings around a crackling fire.
  • White Oak Wood Shavings (4oz tin): Introduce a classic, refined oak character to your cocktails, for a taste of tradition with every sip.

  • Helius Originals Keeper Box & Burlap Bag

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